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da LuzTAKIS FYSSAS MADE fotballdrakt barn IT to his Across

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da LuzTAKIS FYSSAS MADE fotballdrakt IT to his

Across the continent, many seemed to agree. Euro 2004 was written off as one of the worst tournaments of recent years, a victory for anti-football, for the artisans over the artists. In Greece, there was no time to worry about such weighty concerns. There was a party to get started. Now, at last, came his chance to play on his home turf. The tournament ended as it had started, with Greece facing Portugal, the hosts, this time at Benfica's Estadio da Luz. TAKIS FYSSAS MADE Roma fotballdrakt Barn IT to his wedding. Christina did not need to be concerned. Along with the rest of Rehhagel's side, he landed in Athens on July 5, four days before the ceremony. Their plane had to taxi through an arch of water shot into the air by fire engines as it made its way down the runway. Hundreds of thousands poured on to the Greek capital's streets to welcome them home, waving flags, chanting, singing. The month before the Olympics returned to Athens, they held Danmark landslagsdrakt Barn the victory parade at the city's original Olympic stadium. There were tens of thousands more there. Another clean sheet, another Angelos Charisteas goal and another win: As horrified silence descended on Lisbon, Athens erupted in joy. Who you calling boring? Greek fans celebrate their team's victory over Portugal. Greece's 15,000 fans started arriving early in the afternoon, in the blistering heat, their white shirts gleaming. They roared defiance, the quality that had brought Rehhagel's team so far, and that would take them one step further.

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